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25. December Birth of Jesus Christ (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

18. December Feelings, emotions and maturity (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

4. December To be filled with God’s peace (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


20. November Do not disbelieve, but believe (Martins Kanders) audio

13. November Improve your relationship with God (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

6. November Don’t miss the visiting time (Maris Augusts) audio


30. October Reminder for all of us (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

23. October A comeback story, testimony (Madara Irbe) audio

16. October You cannot run away from God’s presence (Doug Linser) audio

9. October What is your motive? (Erlands Zaluckis) audio

2. October Thanks Giving (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


25. September God is taking care of you (Maris Augusts) audio

18. September Worship (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

11. September Our heavenly father (Erlands Zaluckis) audio

4. September Relationships with Christ gives you special opportunities (Martins Kanders) audio


28. August Give yourself up as a sacrifice (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

21. August God continues to speak (Austris Augusts) audio

14. August How great is God’s love (Scott Howard) audio

7. August Do you want to take the sword of victory? (Nikolaj Zaluckis) audio


24. July Only by the spirit of God (Nikolajs Gribs) audio

17. July Our life is a process (Martins Kanders) audio

10. July Be ready for the school of life (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

3. July We are children of God (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


26. June Your desert, your blessing (Maris Augusts) audio

19. June The greatest benefit is… (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

12. June Serve each other (Nikolaj Zaluckis) audio


29. May Your desert, your blessing (Maris Augusts) audio

22. May New name, new hope (Aleksej Jazikov) audio

15. May Blessed are the peacemakers (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

8. May God’s weapons for victory (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

1. May Thy rod comforts me (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


24. April Desert (Erlands Zaluckis) audio

17. April What the resurrection of Christ gives (Nikolajs Zaluckis) audio

10. April Has God changed? (Martins Kanders) audio

3. April We need God’s presence (Nikolajs Zaluckis) audio


27. March Defeat your Goliath (Maris Augusts) audio

20. March Go and do likewise (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

13. March Isn’t it for now? (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

6. March Testimony of a trip to Poland (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


27. February Do not be anxious about anything (Maris Augusts) audio

13. February Signs of the End Times (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

6. February Go and buy from the seller (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


16. January God is faithful (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

9. January Gods Grace (Maris Augusts) audio

2. January How to manage finances (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio