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19. December The power to go all the way (Daniels Filimonovs) audio

5. December Perspective of Eternity (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


28. November Our Identity (Martins Kanders) audio

21. November By faith and not by sight (Aivars Berlinskis) audio


17. October The Power of Gratitude (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

10. October The child’s view of the Father (Mārtiņš Kanders) audio


26. September Test of faith (Māris Augusts) audio

12. September Do not deviate from the truth (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

12. September Believe, have no doubt, act (Mareks Odumiņš) audio

5. September All things for good (Māris Augusts) audio


29. August Learn to Forget, to Move on (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

22. August Heart (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

15. August Worship (Martins Kanders) audio

8. August Trusting in God (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

1. August Dusty fields (Nikolajs Zaluckis) audio


25. July Calling (Māris Augusts) audio

18. July Questions to God (Aivars Berlinskis) audio

11. July Gods way, my way (Veronika Zalucka) audio

4. July Stay in Garden of Eden (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio


27. June The kingdom of God and the Babylonian system (Martiņš Kanders) audio

20. June Save the Titanik (Erlands Zaluckis) audio

13. June Take your bed and walk (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

6. June Fruits of Holy Spirit (Aleksandrs Čapočņikovs) audio


30. May Always beside you (Austris Augusts) audio

23. May Pentacost day (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

16. May The presence of Jesus changes everything (Maris Augusts) audio

9. May Honor your father and mother (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

2. May The covenant of God (Martins Kanders) audio


18. April Doors to Gods blessing (Andrejs Zaluckis) audio

11. April Don’t get used to Jesus (Liana Judina)

4. April Pasha (Andrejs Zaluckis)


28. March Happiness (Aivars Berlinskis)

21. March God’s Grace (Maris Augusts)

14. March Why Christians get sick? (Martins Kanders)

7. March Faith and love (Andrejs Zaluckis)


28. February Keep moving (Aivars Berlinskis)

14. February Result of influence (Maris Augusts)

7. February Continue… (Nikolajs Zaluckis)