„Help to release the building”
The Vision of Bauska Christian Centre of Bauska goes beyond the local church. Our focus is to serving people, apart from denomination, faith or social level. Regular conferences, seminars, college and other events are just a part of what we are already doing and looking forward to do in a future. In oreder to move on with the vision we have attached a new hall with balcony.
Due to the devastating economical situation in Latvia as the country and particularly in the remote areas, we as the church feel threatening pressure from the financial institution. This is important considering the fact that the church had borrowed the money from the financial institution for the reconstruction of church building and hall construction. The total amount of loaned funds is 86 000 Euros for the length of 15 years.

The building of the church has: 54 premises (5500 i3), total area 1250 i2 (disinclining attic and storage premises), (some of the photos are available). The land lot of 1306 i2 and building itself are registered in Land Book under cadastral number 4001 006 0033 at the name of “New Life” Bauska Christian Center.
The evaluation cost of the building exceeds 800 000 euro. Borrowed money from the bank is 81 500 euro (which is about 10%). Amount of monthly payments against the general amount of the loan does not give us any difficulty, however, the interest of the loan (which is calculated to almost 2/3 of total monthly payment) are putting great restriction for us.
“It is better to prevent the fire than to extinguish it”. We did not want to wait for the situation to grow worse and we cried to God in prayers and supplications, fasting and believing God for the direction. Which, we do believe we have received.
This project is addressed to the friends and people who are well familiar to me personally, as well as those who have been in touch with our ministry lately. While expecting a “miracle” from God, Holy Spirit asked me a question: “…what do you have at your house?” 4 Kings .4:2 “…vessel with oil….». The very little it may sound, yet applied “in to action” brought exceedingly great provision for the time.

„ Only together We stand strong”
As I am presenting this to You, I do understand that each one of You have own commitments, projects and needs….. I do not have the boldness to ask for a donation, but I do ask for a loan. „Friend, lend me three loaves….” (Luke 11:5). „Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1.
Perhaps something that is not rather significant that you might have been saving for such a things as wedding, funeral, emergencies might become a „bread to cast” . Such a thing will be great help for the centreand it will release us from the bank interests. Yet to give money to the centre (to the brothers and sisters) with the interest – we are steping in to the sin of covetousness (Deut. 23:18; Ezek. 22:12; Mark 7:22 .) At the same time I would like to remind that everyhting should be based and moved by faith where God can reward in much bigger way, as well as you can become a part of international ministry.

„ Only together We stand strong”

Interest-free loan deprives suspicions in comercial crimes.
The loan is carried out by allowing to purchase the bonds (obligations). (to look at example)
The total value of the issued bonds is 81 500 euro. The minimum ammount of the bond is 100 euros or 150 USD, the minimum term – 1 year, maximum – 10 years.
Three types of bonds issued „short term 1-3 years”; „medium term 3-5 years”; „long term 5-10 years”.
To claim the bond ahad of time, it is necessary to request it 1-3 months (depend on ammount) before the suggested date. At the need to pledge loan before definite term, the lender has to warn borrower in 1-3 months (depend on ammount). (In case of the lender death, if it is necessary relative can recall amount of loan during 3 days from reserve fund.)
At the bond purchase you will be signing the loan agreement (to look at example ) in two copies, which your bond number will also be mentioned. The Bond is not for re-sale, not to transfer to third party, not valid without loan agreement and it is liquidated by contract. (Bond can remain as memory after loan repayment)
Every amount of the loan has secured by the real estate property of the centre in equivalent of 1 m2 =130/00 Euros. (The security of the bond is not a dream, plan or a future constraction but the exisiting building itself)
Given project is accepted and approved by the centre Council (to look at protocol), as well as supported by Bishop Nikolaj Grib. (to look at letter)
With responsibility before God and You I present this project and count on your personal direction, sensitivity and responsibility in making a decision.

The Project is to be launched 12 of April 2009.
The head of project Andrejs Zaluckis (+371 22054431) , www.newlife.lv

„ Only together We stand strong”