Sunday services 2018


30. December If you love me tend my sheep (Andrejs Zaluckis)


23. December Christ, gift of love to people (Andrejs Zaluckis)


16. December My life as fifth gospel (Veronika Zalucka)


09. December One word can change everything (Scott Howard)

02. December What do you hear (Aivars Berlinskis)



25. November Renewal of inner man (Andrejs Zaluckis)


18. November Righteous will live by his faith (Ilze Auguste)


11. November Time management (Martins Kanders)


04. November Each part is working (Andrejs Zaluckis)



28. October Do not be overcome by evil (Vladimir Ivanov)


21. October I AM (Erlands Zaluckis)


14. October Thanksgiving (Andrejs Zaluckis)


07. October Thanksgiving day (Andrejs Zaluckis)



30. September(Aivars Berlinskis)


23. September If only you knew Gods gift(Maris Kalnins)


16. September Faith (Dmitri Bochonov)


09. September Spiritual maturity(Maris Augusts)


02. September To the angel of the church in Ephesus say (Andrejs Zaluckis)



26. August 5 stages in life of David (Erlands Zaluckis)


19. August Heart of Christ (Mike Lenz)


12. August Live in Gods presence? (Scott Howard)


05. August What spirit you have? (Mike Lenz)



29. July Follow God as dearly loved children (Andrejs Zaluckis)


22. July Christs unconditional love (Erlands Zaluckis)


15. July Blessed are the poor in spirit (Maris Augusts)


08. July Don’t allow devil to steal Gods word (Andrejs Sidors)


01. July Work, way to prosperity (Aleksei Jazikov)



24. June Testimonies


17. June Chursch – it’s a team (Kaspars Roscins)


10. June The seed we have (Aivars Berlinskis)


03. June Character (Martins Kanders)



27. May Chicken and eagles (Nemo Rasik)


20. May Unity in Gods church? (Erlands Zaluckis)


13. May What did he say? (Ake Wallman)


06. May How long shall I stay with you and put up with you? (Nikolai Rutkinen)



29. April God is always faithful (Māris Augusts)


22. April (Nikolajs Gribs)


15. April Friendship (Vitautas Račas)


08. April What do you see? (Martins Kanders)


01. April Christ has risen (Andrejs Zaluckis)



25. March Christ and his sacrifice (Abel Popov)


18. March Different realities (Marts Metsala)


11. March (Maris Augusts)


04. March (Doug Linser)



25. February (Erlands Zaluckis)


18. February (Aivars Berlinskis)


11. February (Jeff Kaiser)


04. February (Jeff Kaiser)



28. January (Paul & Gareth)


21. January (Erland Zaluckis)


14. January (Mike Lenz)


7. January (Aivars Berlinskis)