Sunday services 2019


29. December Let us be wear and wise (Andrejs Zaluckis)


22. December Kindness (Andrejs Zaluckis)


15. December Be thankful (Andrejs Čebotarjovs)


08. December The parable of the lost son (Maris Augusts)


01. December Prosperous Life (Andrejs Zaluckis)



24. November Triple love (Viktor Smits)


17. November Good and bad of the Internet (Erlands Zaluckis)


10. November Praise in the time of struggle (Aivars Berlinskis)



27. October Trust in God (Veronika Zalucka)


20. October I am with you always (Ilze Auguste)


13. October Thanks giving day (Andrejs Zaluckis)


06. October Finances and my responsibility towards them (Andrejs Zaluckis)



29. September Three whales holding earth (Erlands Zaluckis)


22. September I believed, therefore I have spoken (Aivars Berlinskis)


15. September Psalm 1 Blessed is the man (Andrejs Zaluckis)


08. September 5 lessons of Psalm 37 part 4 (Andrejs Zaluckis)


01. September Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth (Nikolaj Zaluckis)



25. August 5 lessons of Psalm 37 part 3 (Andrejs Zaluckis)


18. August Get out of your cave (Martins Kanders)


11. August When Jesus saw their faith (Scott Howard)


04. August David, the anointed (Aivars Berlinskis)



28. July Faith in eternal (Aleksandr Dashkevich)


21. July Gods blessing (Anatolij Pavlovich)


14. July 5 lessons of Psalm 37 part 2 (Andrejs Zaluckis)


07. July Success and disaster in life of Uzziah (Pavil Rudakov)



30. June Get out of your 3D blockade (Erlands Zaluckis)

23. June 5 lessons of Psalm 37(Andrejs Zaluckis)

16. June Does God love you? (Ilmars Germanis)

09. June Promise, strength, Holy Spirit (Andrejs Zaluckis)

02. June Let the spirit guide you (Aivars Berlniksis)



26. May Patience (Vjacheslav Marenjak)


26. May Patience (Mareks Odumins)


12. May See opportunity where the others see problem (Martins Kanders)


05. May God is fair (Nikolajs Zaluckis)



28. April Trails (Māris Augusts)


21. April Pascha (Andrejs Zaluckis)


14. April Don’t give up (Ake Wallman)


07. April God is for us (Aivars Berlinskis)



24. March Relationship with Christ (Erlands Zaluckis)


17. March Faith (Abel Popov)


10. March Soil, sower, seed (Maris Augusts)


03. March Finances as seed (Andrejs Zaluckis)



24. February Crisis, is it evil? (Aleksejs Jazikovs)


17. February Renewal of responsability (Guntars Kokins)


10. February When you don’t understand Gods ways (Jeff Kaiser)


03. February 8 ways God wants to speak to you (Jeff Kaiser)



27. January No oil no hope (Gareth Hayes)


20. January If you love me tend my sheep (Andrejs Zaluckis)


13. January Respect to God is a foundation for fellowship with him (Valerijs Stikuts)


06. January If you love me tend my sheep (Andrejs Zaluckis)